Tuesday, 26 August 2008

OTTICA VASCELLARI - The Best Eyeglasses in the World!

(VENICE, ITALY) Do you see those sunglasses I am wearing there on the left? I bought them from Vascellari about four years ago, and have worn them every day since that time. I have only one complaint: they are so well-made, and such a fantastic design that I am going to have to lose them in order to get a new pair. Looking at the world through a pair of Vascellari eyeglasses is like having your vision filtered through a shield of protection and love in a ti voglio bene kind of way.

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  1. I am sure this will interest lot of folks .

  2. My favorite eyeglasses are from Ottica Carraro on Via Mondola---I've been going there since 1995 and have about a dozen pair of glasses at this point. I always get a compliment when I have a new pair.

  3. I still prefer OTTICA CARRARO eyewear. I alaways get compliment when I wear them. You can buy them also online www.otticacarraro.it

  4. I am pleased to know that Ottica Carraro has fans, also, but I find it in incredibly bad taste that you choose to use Vascellari's site for free advertising to promote a competitor's business. It makes me wonder about Ottica Carraro's ethics...

    Cat Bauer