About Me

Award-winning author Cat Bauer (HARLEY, LIKE A PERSON; HARLEY'S NINTH - Alfred A. Knopf) has been a resident of Venice, Italy since 1998. 

She was a regular contributor to the International Herald Tribune's Italian supplement, Italy Daily, published with Corriere della Sera.  

Her blog has been featured in the Financial Times Weekend Magazine, and read in 198 countries & territories, and 160 languages. 

Cat Bauer was a contributing editor for LUXOS Magazine, the Venice Insider for CNN Travel and Ninemsn, and had more than 13 million views on Google+ until Google stopped counting

Email contact: venetiancat@gmail.com


  1. Hi Cat--The photograph posted looks like the San Polo 622 address I visited 10 years ago...hope you were able to hold on to it or find a flat with similar views. Glad to hear the Venice FC is being rebuilt by a got-bucks (and got-vision) American. Best wishes and a Happy Christmas to you. We won't be in Venice this winter...Morocco gets the nod. Our Venetian gumboots are always at the ready. Robert

  2. Hi, Robert- That's an old photo. Unfortunately, the apartment at San Polo 622 is now a tourist rental like far too many apartments in Venice. After battling for 10 years, I won a bunch of lawsuits, but even though the landlords had to pay me after the illegal eviction, they stole nearly every one of my possessions of worth -- my desk is still inside! Happy holidays and let me know the next time you come to town.