Thursday, December 11, 2008

Three Level Alarm for High Water in Venice

(Venice, Italy) I must take back every bad thing I said about the new siren. I have already grown very fond of it after hearing it nearly every day. It just went off again now, the same Three-Level alarm we had when the high water in Venice was all over the news. I have to go out to dinner tonight:) I'll keep you posted.

Ciao from Venice,


  1. Hi Cat, I'm David, from the "Venetian Navigator" internet point.
    I read your blog and I found it very interesting! I'll keep an eye on it in the future!

    Good luck!

    Sorry for my not-exact english!


  2. We left Venice at 6am December 11th in a water taxi that had to drive up to our hotel entrance, to be able to get to the airport before the high tide which was coming in around 8am... if we had waited any longer, the water taxi couldn't have reached us because he couldn't make it under the bridges and we would have been trapped until the water level went down again, and we would have missed our flight! Our taxi driver was our hero, as he scraped under the low bridges out to the grand canal toward the Marco Polo airport... Everyone was so helpful, and nice, and so sorry for the inconvenience! (Our wonderful hotel, The Locanda Orseolo, had a supply of rubber boots for us to borrow during the aqua alta during our stay!) Venice is the most ''alive'' city in the world!

  3. David, let me thank you publically for all your help over there at Venetian Navigator Internet Point!