Monday, 18 August 2008

Gondola Serenade with Canadian Tenor, Nils Brown - Venice

(VENICE, ITALY) The Canadian tenor, Nils Brown, arrived at my house early one morning last week, together with documentary filmmaker, Anny Carraro, to shoot some footage . He was returning to Canada the next day, so this was the only opportunity we had to film what Anny needed for her section of the Nils Brown documentary -- it is a co-production with a Canadian company. Anny wanted to take advantage of the view from my balcony, the Grand Canal overlooking the Rialto Bridge. Because I was blogging the event, I said to Nils, "I've asked a rock photographer to take some photos this evening on the gondola ride. I think it would be an interesting combination -- classical music meets rock & roll. More cool. More hip."

Without a word, Nils Brown picked up his instrument and walked out the door.

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  1. Congratulazioni di Blog.
    E 'molto bello, il gusto di ciò che ho letto e vedere.
    Un abbraccio da Portogallo

  2. is this cuban language? am i right?