Friday, May 8, 2020

Venice Royal Gardens Reopen (Again)

Iris Dalmatica - Photo courtesy of Venice Gardens Foundation
(Venice, Italy) Tomorrow, Saturday, May 9th, Venice's Royal Gardens come out of quarantine, ready to welcome Venetians back into its lush embrace. Since its conception back in the times of Napoleon, the Gardens have faced many challenges, but like true royalty, they have always managed to bounce back, more charming than before.

The Royal Gardens had reopened on December 19, 2019 after undergoing a dramatic restoration headed by Adele Re Rebaudengo, President of the Venice Gardens Foundation. Then, all the green spaces in the Veneto were closed in March due to the health pandemic. I wrote a detailed post  about the opening at the time, including some history:

Good News from Venice: The Royal Gardens have Re-Opened!

Grand Canal seen from Accademia Bridge during Venice quarantine - Photo: Cat Bauer
The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic prevented the public from enjoying a normal spring surrounded by sunshine and blooming flowers, birds and bees. But while human beings remained closed inside their homes, nature thrived. The Internet was full of images and videos of the calm, clear water in Venice's canals, so clear that jellyfish, octopuses and even a seahorse were spotted frolicking in the water, undisturbed by boat traffic.

Tulips - Holland's Glory - Photo courtesy of Venice Gardens Foundation
Even after being challenged by several bouts of acqua alta in the winter, followed by a dry and windy spring, the Royal Gardens still produced many beautiful blooms. Yellow Daffodils burst forth during the first week of March, along with red-orange Tulips and the violet Redbud tree.

Tetrapanax and General Schablikine Rose - Photo courtesy of Venice Gardens Foundation
In April, different shades of Wisteria brightened up the Gardens, along with Irises and Lavender. The Tetrapanax evergreen shrubs have thrived, creating exotic islands between the four central flower beds. The Gardens are not only colorful, but fragrant, attracting many desirable insects, especially bees. A colony of wise sparrows has never left the Royal Gardens, knowing a good home when they see one.

As humanity takes its first tentative steps back out into the world, hopefully we will come out of this surreal experience stronger, wiser and more dignified. The transformation of Venice's Royal Gardens from a neglected jungle into an oasis for contemplation is a prime example to follow. Venice's Royal Gardens are now open and waiting for you.

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  1. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 9th, Venice's Royal Gardens come out of quarantine, ready to welcome Venetians back into its lush embrace.