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Renzo Rosso Rescues the Rialto Bridge

Renzo Rosso & Alessandro Maggioni - Photo Città di Venezia
(Venice, Italy) Only the brave would take on the battle of the Rialto Bridge, and I speak from personal experience. Fashion icon Renzo Rosso, the founder and President of Diesel and founder of the holding company Only the Brave - OTB - has come to the rescue of the Rialto Bridge -- and not a moment too soon. He has agreed to pump five million euro into the restoration efforts in exchange for attaching his brand to the ancient symbol, which he promises to do in a creative way. The international spotlight will be focused on the restoration of the most beautiful bridge in the world, so that Venice can move forward into a rich, multi-cultural future based on hope, transparency, and fair compensation for efforts made.

Cat Bauer at home - photo by Roberto Silva ©Cat Bauer
Cat Bauer at home - photo by Roberto Silva ©Cat Bauer
If you are a long-time reader of the Venetian Cat - Venice Blog, you will know that I was illegally evicted from my apartment on the Grand Canal at the Rialto Bridge on June 10, 2009 by an Order signed by Judge Maura Caprioli on December 19, 2009 (sic - should read 2008) -- without me being present in court -- that said I was a tourist who did not pay the rent for two months. Since San Polo 622 has been my legal residence since 1999, and I have a carta di soggiorno (sort of like a Green Card) and I have overpaid the rent by more than 63,000 euro, this is easily proven to be false, and it is puzzling why, to this day, I have not been able to present my case in court.

[Update: October 9, 2013 - I now have a Permesso di Soggiorno ILLIMITATO. Grazie, Italia!]

Megan H. Jones
Megan H. Jones (Center)
On June 24, 2009, US State Department consular agent Megan H. Jones called the Polizia di Stato at San Lorenzo, the station where I was attempting to file a police report. Megan Jones, shockingly, told the police to force me into the hospital -- the Carabinieri had already made such an attempt on August 7, 2008, after being called by Emilio Farinon, the co-owner of Taverna del Campiello Remer at the time, so this was not an idle threat. The Polizia di Stato refused to do such a thing. Much later I discovered that around the same time, my family in the United States had been contacted by the US State Department and told that I had been arrested (not true), was mentally unstable, and that they should come to Venice to take me back the USA. This false story was reinforced by former attorney Sara Jane Boyers in Los Angeles, someone who for years had been posing as my friend, making numerous trips to Venice and inviting me to stay at her house in Los Angeles, saying that she was a writer-turned-photographer.

[UPDATE October 9, 2013:  Russia just got busted for behaving like the Soviet Union and using punitive psychiatry. As I have said repeatedly, the United States of America has no right to call out Russia when it has used these same methods against me, one of its own citizens.

I have made this very serious charge over and over again, and I will continue to make this very serious charge until it is addressed: The USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave,  used punitive psychiatry against me, one of its own citizens. It was a horrific experience, ABSOLUTE TORTURE, and has no place in a civilized society. 

The simple fact is that when you have to defend yourself against a government -- the most powerful government in the world, no less -- well, that just sounds crazy, and they know it; it is part of their technique: the government is out to get me!

However, the real danger is this: I am not important enough for that level of governmental interference. The United States of America is OUT OF CONTROL. The United States of America wasted a fortune of your hard-earned tax dollars to destroy me, who is no more dangerous than a butterfly. And if they can do that to me, they can do that to you.]

Sara Jane Boyers
Sara Jane Boyers - Really nuts and WAY out of her league
I went back inside my apartment at the end of November, 2009, and immediately notified the Polizia di Stato, the Carabinieri, and the US Ambassador in Rome of my whereabouts. I remained inside my apartment for about six months, until June 11, 2010. That evening, I was playing music on my balcony, singing and dancing, something I often did in response to unusual activity I could see on the Grand Canal from my point of view on the balcony -- boat taxis coming and going; strangers arriving at the Magistrato alle Acque, etc. Back then, I did not understand what was going on, but I knew that a couple years before there had been a sudden influx of Americans into the Rialto area who were linked to the military. About the same time, there had been a flood of cocaine and heroin into the Rialto area, the heart of Venice, together with illegal construction going up at the Hotel Rialto, directly across the Grand Canal from my apartment. I just found out two weeks ago about about the Mala del Brenta, and the Nuova Mala del Brenta, the organized crime in the Veneto region.

About 9PM on the evening of June 11, 2010, the Grand Canal was shut down in front of my balcony, sirens wailing, lights flashing. A man climbed up a ladder and in through my bedroom window, opened the door to my apartment, and allowed a group to overpower me, inject me with drugs and force me into the psychiatric section of the hospital here in Venice, leaving my cat, Cleopatra, locked inside to die -- my Venetian aunt rescued her three days later. Please take a moment to feel the full impact of my words: Cleopatra, an innocent cat, was locked inside our apartment to starve and die. That is the kind of monsters these people are. Fortunately Cleopatra is not only Italian, but a pure Venetian cat, and they are cursed for trying to kill her.

Steven R. Boyers
On June 13, 2010, an incredible story written by Roberta Brunetti was published in Il Gazzettino, the local newspaper, which said that an American writer and blogger had broken into her apartment, and, distraught over her eviction, was going to commit suicide by throwing herself off the balcony.

A few weeks later, Sara Jane Boyer's husband, Attorney Steven R. Boyers, falsely claiming to be a friend of my family, wrote an email to my lawyer full of veiled threats and innuendos in an attempt to intimidate the doctors at the hospital to have me diagnosed with a serious mental illness, something, gratefully, they did not do. When I got out of the hospital, I discovered that the door to my apartment had been replaced with a high-security door, locking all my possessions, including my US passport, inside, where they remain to this day. In addition, the outrageous interference in my life by US State Department officials William R. Gill and Megan H. Jones continued.

Roberto Benetto
Recently, on September 26, 2012, Roberto Benetto, the son of Paola Bortoluzzi, the owner of my apartment, and a blond woman I do not know -- not his wife, whom I do know -- physically assaulted me. The blond woman yelled repeatedly that she wanted me dead or to go back to America as they kicked and punched me, trying to push me down the stairs. She said that this time they would win because there were three of them and only one of me, and they would lie and say that I assaulted them. The door to my apartment was open during the assault, and I could see many of possessions inside, such as my heavy wooden desk. There has been recent activity in the magazzino, or storage area, on the ground floor inside my building at San Polo 622, and there is a strong possibility that my personal possessions were moved downstairs in yet another attempt to cover-up their criminal behavior.

Bruise near right kidney caused by Roberto Benetta & Blonde Girlfriend (not his wife)
[UPDATE SEPTEMBER 25, 2013, one year later: The next day, September 27, 2012, I went to the hospital, and learned they had beaten me so badly there was blood in my urine; the doctor wrote it would take 10 days to recover. After many efforts and much frustration, I was finally able to file a police report about the assault. Like all my previous reports about the criminal behavior of the Benetta family, it has yet to go to court.

On January 25, 2013, Megan H. Jones, of the US State Department, wrote to the Italian Police, complaining about the photo of her (above) that I put in this very post (among other complaints) stating that it was the property of the US State Department. QUESTION: Why is the Italian police contacting me about this? Why isn't the US State Department contacting me about the photo if, indeed, it is their property?

Last week, on Sunday, September 22, 2013, ONE YEAR LATER, I saw Roberto Benetta and the blonde arrive again in my apartment at San Polo 622. During the week, they made a very big show of being inside, a topless (overweight) Benetta kissing the blonde on the balcony, etc. My apartment was open until the next Sunday when I again saw Benetta, this time lounging at an outdoor table at Caffé del Doge, right up the calle, looking quite at home, chatting with the staff. Another man (who had been in my apartment earlier that morning) arrived with two women, one who was carrying a Hard Rock Cafe bag. QUESTION: Why does Paola Bortoluzzi and the Benetta family behave like they can break the law with impunity? 

Even more interesting, why is Caffé del Doge, a Venetian business that was always supportive in the past, now appear to be associating with these type of creatures?]

The story is much, much longer, but I firmly believe that given the opportunity, I can prove that what I say is true: the United States of America teamed-up with organized crime in the Veneto, in addition to powerful special interest groups, in an attempt to take control of the Rialto area, the one-time hub of the Silk Road, a zone that has been an international center of commerce for centuries; a zone where enormous wealth lies waiting to be tapped. At a time when the world is in tears from the Evil that destroyed the Innocents in a small town in Connecticut, it is time for all of us to shine the light on the darkness, and put the planet back in order. We must be certain the foundation we build is based on the highest principles of integrity, transparency and fairness, otherwise the structure will surely collapse.

[UPDATE: OCTOBER 29, 2013 - On October 22, 2013, just after 11:00am, I was writing my name with a marker on the doorbell on my apartment at San Polo 622 from which I have never been legally evicted when Roberto Benetta came up from behind me and knocked me to the ground. His blonde girlfriend stepped on my purse and confronted me. Roberto Benetta immediately said he was calling the Carabinieri and started dialing his cell phone. This was in BROAD DAYLIGHT right at RIALTO in Calle dei Cinque. I screamed and hollered, "Aiuto! Help! Fuoco!! Fire!" I was scared that they would hurt me again since the last time they attacked me so badly there was blood in my urine. People appeared because, after all, it was broad daylight. The blond (who is more like a man than a woman) pretended to be sweet and said, oh, don't worry, we have called the Carabinieri about this crazy woman. 

I had another appointment, which was important, so I got up and started walking away. Roberto Benetta and the blonde were upset that I was leaving. Benetta shouted "Coward," after me, which is beyond bizarre because what can be more cowardly than a man knocking a woman to the ground while her back is turned? Do they still think they can lie and that corrupt Carabinieri will back them up? I hollered back, "You are going to prison!" and I left.

I called the police and told them everything had been recorded on the video camera of the Florida Restaurant aimed at Calle dei Cinque, so it would be easy to prove who was telling the truth, and that I was afraid the video would be erased.]

[UPDATE: Arpil 3, 2014: The Florida Restaurant has been closed for a couple of months, including during Carnevale, its busiest period. It remains closed to this day.]

Renzo Rosso
With all that in mind, I wish Renzo Rosso, a self-made man from Bassano del Grappa, together with the Only the Brave group, the best of luck in winning the battle of the Rialto. I am sure the dark, outside forces will not leave without a struggle, but with a fresh army of angels arriving, and the European Court of Human Rights focusing its attention on the atrocities that have been committed by the USA, I am confident the Rialto Bridge, Venice and the Veneto will join the world in an enlightened future.

The Rialto Bridge by Francesco Guardi (1775)
Ciao from Venezia,
Venetian Cat - The Venice Blog

P.S. This photo (below), which appears to have been taken from my balcony without my knowledge or consent (that is most definitely my balcony, and that is most definitely my Venetian flag -- I stuck it on the end of a mop handle) has been doctored. This photo is being used by the Hotel Rialto for advertising purposes. As of today, December 16, 2012, at no time since I've lived on the Grand Canal have the words "Hotel Rialto" been emblazoned across the facade. The name is smaller, down on the left. In addition, the center window has been cropped. At this point in time, the hotel is under scaffolding.

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 16, 2015: I have won my lawsuit against the illegal eviction. The landlords are now paying me every other month. It does not include any compensation for the physical assaults, destruction of property, defamation of character, etc. 

Sara Jane Boyers - A Fraud
Sara Jane Boyers - A Fraud
Nor does it include any compensation for any atrocities on behalf of the agents of the United States -- mostly seriously and obsessively, Sara Jane Boyers, who continues to interfere in my life.

Robert "Bob" Morgan - Venice, Italy
Does Robert "Bob" Morgan work for the CIA?
[April 24, 2016: SPOTLIGHT ON BOB MORGAN: Are all the rumors that Bob Morgan works for the CIA actually true? Speaking from personal experience, he does behave that way. He is a very short man who has a reputation for being malevolent, petty and vindictive. 

In addition, there is a direct connection between Sara Jane Boyers and Robert "Bob" Morgan."]

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  1. Only the brave would take on the battle of the Rialto Bridge, and I speak from personal experience. Fashion icon Renzo Rosso, the founder and President of Diesel and founder of the holding company Only the Brave - OTB - has come to the rescue of the Rialto Bridge -- and not a moment too soon.