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Hillary and Silvio - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

(Venice, Italy)

I am thoroughly disgusted by the behavior of the US State Department. If you are seriously thinking of pushing Silvio Berlusconi again, after what you, and the members of organized crime have put me through, I do not want to have anything to do with you. You are barbarians, and do not belong in civilized society.  Here is my letter to you, for all to see:

San Polo 622
30125 Venezia

September 5, 2012

Kyle R. Scott
U.S. Consul General
Via Principe Amedeo 2/10
20121 Milan

Dear Kyle R. Scott,

Thank you for taking time to speak with me at the US Pavilion at La Biennale on Monday,
August 27. Since you now have had the opportunity to meet to me face to face, you can better understand that I am a person with high intelligence, clarity of mind, and strong moral character. The attempts by the United States government, the Church of England, and other members of a powerful, organized group, to target me, an innocent civilian, in an illegal military operation, illegally rendition me out of Italy and have me diagnosed with a serious mental illness are an outrage and a violation of the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, as well as other European conventions -- not to mention my constitutional rights as a United States citizen.

I am pleased to learn that William R. Gill is no longer in Milan. He should never again be in a position where he can abuse his power. Since Megan H. Jones of your Department is an active participant in this “psy-ops,” she can provide any details you need to confirm that my very serious accusations are true. However, it has been my experience that she is a liar, and not a very good one. The USA has left deep footprints that lead directly to my door, and many people with integrity view your treatment of me, one of your own citizens, with distaste. As Charles A. Lindbergh said, “Power without a moral force to guide it invariably ends in the destruction of the people who wield it.”

Since I was completely naive about politics and current events, I have spent an enormous amount of time and energy educating myself about how your Department operates, and the long, twisted history between the United States and Italy. One Vanity Fair article in particular, The War They Wanted - The Lies They Needed by Craig Unger was especially enlightening.

Because of my good character and hard work, I have earned access to people and venues denied to many foreigners. The United States of America should be honored to have an American such as myself represent our country abroad. Instead, you have attempted to assassinate my character, illegally rendition me back to the USA and have me institutionalized. You have stolen years from my life, not to mention the physical, emotional and mental damage that you intentionally inflicted. You have interfered in the lives of innocent civilians both here in Italy and in the USA. You have spent a fortune in time, energy and money trying to destroy me. It is an outrage. By such behavior, it is clear that your intentions here in Italy are far from honorable. The United States has no right to criticize one single country on this planet until you clean up this mess. Nine million euros and an apology is a bargain.

I have little interest in politics, but my personal beliefs are firmly in accord with what I know about Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, the Founders of our country. I am certain they would be appalled to learn how the United States of America, a country that they risked their lives to create, has treated me, an innocent American civilian who loves her country. I have not had my US passport since June 10, 2009 except for the six months I was back inside my apartment from the end of November, 2009 through June 11, 2010. My passport remains locked inside San Polo 622 to this very day, as do all my other personal possessions, clothing and valuables.

On September 11, 2001 I was on our military base in Vicenza, making arrangements to be the visiting author for their new library, brought there by Iris and Cyril Ward of the Department of Defense. I felt it was a privilege to work with the USA. I later discovered that the motives of Iris Ward were far from honorable.

I have the courage to stand up to you because I am standing on a firm foundation of truth and integrity. Your crumbly foundation is based on corruption and depravation; it will collapse. That I have continued to function on a high level after having such abuse heaped upon me attests to my strong character and moral fiber.

Your planned, organized attempts to destroy my good name and reputation are shameful. Your planned, organized attempts to illegally rendition me out of Italy and have me declared mentally incompetent are outrageous, illegal and criminal. Your continued attempts, together with my landlords, to manufacture a false profile for me to make it appear that I am an undesirable resident are despicable and must stop. You have teamed-up with people of the lowest characters who are no better than common thugs.

By coming to a satisfactory resolution with me, you will gain not only my forgiveness, but the respect of many prominent people here in Italy, as well as the United States and other nations. Your actions have caused distress to many honorable people in professional capacities, as well as in my personal life. As I am sure you are aware, my story is being followed at the highest levels. To make speeches like the ones you made at the US Pavilion and the Guggenheim is a public embarrassment as long my situation remains unresolved. To quote your own former spokesman, P.J. Crowley, “"The United States, as an exceptional country in the world, has to be seen as practicing what we preach."

An apology is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. Stop trying to cover up what you did. You did it; everybody knows you did it; it’s time to move forward and get things on the right track. Surely, you must have concluded by now that you are dealing with highly intelligent, sophisticated people whose culture has been around for centuries.

I would like nine million euros, an apology, and my US passport. I would like to go back in my apartment from which I have never been legally evicted. I would like to reserve the right to sue Sara Jane Boyers, Steven R. Boyers, Paola Bortoluzzi, Gianni Benetta, Roberto Benetta, Stefano Benetta, John-Henry Bowden of the Church of England, et. al. As an American citizen, I was born with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, with which the US government, of all entities, has no right whatsoever to interfere.

What is astonishing is that I must write this letter at all. Is the State Department so dysfunctional that you refuse to apologize to an innocent US civilian that you targeted in a military operation? There is no law you can create to make that legal!

Yours truly,


More on this topic in the future.

Ciao from Venezia,
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