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Cat Bauer blogs for EasyJet - Part 2

Contemporary Art in Ancient Venice: Part 2

Palazzo delle Prigioni today. Credit: Brando
Palazzo delle Prigioni today. Credit: Brando
The easyJet Holidays blog has teamed up with Venice-based blogger Venetian Cat, to bring you something a little different to do on your holidays to Venice.
Some of the below exhibitions are running for the next few months, whereas some will be closing soon. Regardless of when you do get to Venice, these spectacular locations some of the city’s best, lesser known venues for art, with a few of those listed in both this post and Part 1 being amongst Venice’s more ancient buildings.
(Not seen Part 1 yet? You can start from the start here.)
….The construction of Palazzo delle Prigioni, or “Palace of Prisons,” began in 1563; then in 1589 it fell under the supervision of the renowned Antonio da Ponte, the same man who designed the Rialto Bridge. It was finally completed in 1614 and was used as the offices for the Signori di Notte al Criminale, magistrates who were in charge of night-time criminal behavior.
A few hundred years later, Hitler and Mussolini would hang out in the Palace of Prisons — in 1938 Hitler donated a piano upon which only the music of Wagner could be played. The piano is still there, but its repertoire has since become more flexible.

The Taiwan Pavilion has taken up residence inside the Palace of Prisons with the two-part installation The Heard and the Unheard – Soundscape Taiwan by the artists Hong-Kai Wang and Yu-Hsien Su. Visitors are invited to relax and listen the contemporary sounds coming out of Taiwan since the lifting of martial law in 1987.
The Heard and the Unheard – Soundscape Taiwan 
by Hong-Kai Wang &Yu-Hsien Su
Palazzo delle Prigioni
Castello 4209
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm
Through November 27, 2011
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