Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Sponsor - Primo Piano Venice Art Gallery

La Trilogia del Dollare by Manuela Sain
(Venice, Italy) At the Primo Piano Venice Art Gallery opening for Manuela Sain's My Holly-view on September 1 -- the same day the Venice Film Festival opened -- the artist told me that her greatest wish was that one day Quentin Tarantino would own the painting you see above, La Trilogia del Dollare. Sain had been influenced by Tarantino and Sergio Leone to such an extent that last year she presented an entire show inspired by the directors' films entitled C'era una volta (Once upon a time)...PULP Sergio Leone & Quentin Tarantino, fratelli di sangue (Blood Brothers). Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn have also inspired the Novara-born artist, so Sain was especially pleased that Primo Piano was showing her work during the film festival. And that the President of the jury of the 67th Venice International Film Festival this year just happened to be Quentin Tarantino -- it seemed that Manuela Sain's stars were in alignment.

Kill Bill by Manuela Sain
Thanks to the efforts of Elisabetta Cudicio and Ioulia Doudina, owners of new Primo Piano Venice Art Gallery located about a minute away from the renowned Palazzo Grassi, Manuela Sain's wish came doubly true. Tarantino not only bought La Trilogia del Dollare, he also bought the acrylic on canvas painting Kill Bill. Timing, hard work, marketing, location and collaboration between the gallery and the artist paid off -- that, together with a dash of luck.

Lavagna a Terezin by Giorgio Celiberti
Elisabetta Cudicio hails from Friuli and has been in the business of promoting and selling art throughout Italy since 1996. Her passion for her work is evident the moment you enter Primo Piano. She doesn't believe a gallery should be silent and intimidating like a mausoleum, but filled with life and the search for truth. "We have to look for the truth every day. It is not something you discover over night. One of my greatest satisfactions is promoting an artist like Giorgi Celiberti, who is 81-years-old and working 365 days a year, with forty projects going at once. Art should make you feel something -- the most rewarding transactions are when people tell me they want to buy a particular piece of art because it fills them with emotion." Please click HERE to continue reading.

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