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Venezia Segreta - Secret Venice

SSShhhh! Venezia Segreta holds the key to a hidden, secret Venice known only to a few. Let them guide you through the labyrinth of this ancient, magical city created centuries ago by master builders, a jewel in the center of a lagoon. A city of whispers... a city of romance... a city of fantasies and dreams... Venezia Segreta will help make your dreams come true.

With the most beautiful town in the world as your stage, Venezia Segreta will write a script designed to fit your individual wishes. From business meetings and conventions, to marriage proposals, weddings and anniversaries -- and Carnival, of course -- they offer a unique, personalized service tailored especially for you.

Accommodations - The Setting

A personal space designed for your individual character is where the story begins. Quaint bed and breakfasts, five-star luxury hotels, ancient locandas, elegant boutiques, private apartments and more, the unique accommodations hidden in Venice are unlike anywhere else in the world. Venezia Segreta will find the perfect lodgings to match your personality, tastes and budget.

Meetings and Conventions - A Unique Scenario

For centuries, Venice has been a hub of power. In the past, competition between rich, powerful families created beautiful palazzi and places of business, each trying to outdo each other with grandeur and design.

Today, it is still possible to enjoy the splendour of their ancient ambitions. Venezia Segreta will find a distinct location best suited to your most exacting requirements, and transform your business event into a unique theatrical production. While you get down to business, Venezia Segreta will handle the details, and organize the catering for relaxing coffee breaks, scrumptious lunches and divine dinners. They will provide the necessary technical and multimedia equipment, as well as arrange the logistics of airport and in-town transportation.

Venezia Segreta organizes seminars, conferences, congresses and business meetings. Their complete, professional service combines efficiency and planning down to the smallest detail. With majestic Venice as the backdrop, your event will have a special flair, making it an unforgettable experience.

The Carnival - A Classic Scenario

Plan your story around the most magical event on the Venetian calendar: Carnival, which takes place in the days leading up to and culminating on Shrove Tuesday (or Mardi Gras). 

Have you ever fantasized about being an elegant Count or Countess, a powerful Emperor, a heart-broken clown, or even a sexy servant? During the Venetian Carnival, you have the freedom to indulge the hidden mazes of your mind. The wearing of a mask puts everyone on the same level: rich and poor, nobleman and citizen, beautiful and ordinary, old and young. Venezia Segreta offers a full program of events where you can act out your most fanciful dreams. 

If you want to experience Carnival but cannot make the date, Venezia Segreta will wave their magic wand and whisk you away to your own personal Carnival, at a time and date suitable to your schedule. Venezia Segreta can create Carnival when you dictate, any time of the year you choose, complete with costumes, masks and balls. Any time can be Carnival time!

Please visit Venezia Segreta to see photographs and programs of past Carnivals

Weddings, Marriage Proposals and Anniversaries - Scenarios of Romance and Seduction

Venice first married Neptune, the god of the Sea, more than one thousand years ago, and repeats the ceremony up to the present day during the Festa della Sensa, celebrated every year on Ascension Day. Venice is a bride with centuries of experience, ready to coddle and nurture you during one of the most important occasions of your life. Venezia Segreta guarantees a joyous, stylish event, whether you wish a traditional, romantic experience, or something more avant-garde.

Venezia Segreta will supply and organize:
*An enchanted setting
*Romantic accommodation
*Catering - Venezia Segreta offers a wide range of menus sure to suit the most discerning palate, from traditional Italian and Venetian regional dishes, to exotic cuisine, to choice finger food and hors d'œuvres.
*Floral decorations and bouquets, harmonized to complement your event
*Top quality musical entertainment
*Special Wedding Gondola

A proposal of marriage is one of the most important decisions a man must make. Dinner by candlelight... champagne and chocolate... an evening gondola ride... Venezia Segreta will provide the ultimate romantic setting so that your future bride will be sure to answer, "Yes!"

After many years together, sometimes a sprinkling of fairy dust is what a couple needs to put the magic back in their lives. A personal massage... exotic food... wine blessed by Dionysus himself... Let Venezia Segreta make your wildest fantasies come true in the most mysterious and sensual city in the world.

Special Occasions and Unique Events

Whether it's fireworks and a private boat for the Festa del Redentore, or a Grand Canal view for the Regatta Storica, Venezia Segreta can plan your event around the unique holidays that only Venice can share. New Years Eve or Christmas, Easter or Passover, Venice celebrates her holidays like no other city on earth. La Biennale's program runs throughout the year, offering contemporary art, dance, architecture, music and theatre events, in addition to the world famous Venice Film Festival.

Venezia Segreta Organises...

Secret gardens... palazzo concerts... photography tours... Venezia Segreta unveils a new, secret Venice, offering alternative guided tours which peak into the hidden corners and whimsical delights of this most visited, yet still mysterious city. Follow in the footsteps of Casanova, circle Venice by helicopter and see the lagoon city through the eyes of a seagull, savour top vintages at wine tastings, and master the secrets of Italian cuisine with cookery courses. With the guidance of Venezia Segreta, you will be sure to uncover your own secret Venice, known only to you.

Venezia Segreta recommends: 

*Private Carnival ball any time of year, suitable to your schedule
*Historic and classic Venetian cuisine
*Secret Venice in a private gondola
*Gliding down the Brenta River in the“Burchiello” and a visit to Villa Palladiano
*Supper on hidden island in the Venetian lagoon
*Visiting Basilica di San Marco at night
*Private visit of Venice’s museums
*Private visit to a classic Murano glass factory
*Wine tastings

For enquiries or questions, please contact:

Venezia Segreta

Go to Venezia Segreta website

Photo credits:
Pomellato: Tabou Ring

Fairy silhouette:
Venetian garden -

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