Saturday, February 6, 2010

Venice Carnival 2010 - Carnevale Venezia 2010

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(Venice, Italy) For those of you who are in Venice this Carnival season, which starts today, now is a great time to support some of Venetian Cat's sponsors!

Incentive Harmony - Carnevale balls  and other gatherings in an authentic Venetian palace. That is one of the owners, the gracious and elegant Jeanne-Bénédicte Arnitas, you see over there on the left.

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Stop at La Bottega dei Mascareri at the foot of the Rialto Bridge for all your Venetian mask needs. (That is a photo of Sergio Boldrin before his hair turned gray! I am quite sure I contributed a hair or two:)

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You will need a place to stay while you are here in Venice, so why not rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel? That calls for Views on Venice! The grandmother of the personable (and gorgeous:) owner, Filippo Gaggia, used to entertain right in that image you see of the piano nobile.

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Next, you will need some place to eat, and that is where the authentic Venetian food and extensive wine list offered at the Bistrot de Venise will serve you well. Sergio Fragiacomo is a real gentleman, and one of the most compassionate people I have ever met.

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If you look over there on the column on the right, you will see the rest of my sponsors, if you are in the market for eyeglasses (Vascellari) or jewelry (Arcobaleno)or (Ganesha), or even a short film about one woman's Carnival fantasies (StudioAC). The great thing about supporting any of my sponsors is that if you have any problems whatsoever, you can speak to me about it. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that is enough to strike terror in the heart of any evil company:) So you can be sure that all my sponsors are absolutely genuine and that you are getting good quality for the money you spend. Plus, they happen to be very nice human beings that are a joy to meet!

Ciao from Venice,

Cat Bauer

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  1. Thank you for the kind recommendations. I will be going to Venice again in April (my 6th trip) and am always open to new suggestions. I've passed by the Bistrot several times, but have never tried it. I've just looked at the website (and wine list) and will definitely try it this time. Thanks again and hope you have a good Carnevale, Cat.