Sunday, 18 May 2008

Michela Rizzo Gallery

Yesterday, I was zipping through a bunch of invitations and the Cecilia Paredes exhibit, The final Garden, at Galleria Michela Rizzo in Palazzo Palumbo Fossati caught my eye. The last time I had seen Michela was at her gallery down in Castello a couple of years ago. So, I decided to head over to Palazzo Palumbo Fossati in San Marco and check out her new space.

It is a GREAT space, located on Fondamenta della Malvasia Vecchia, which you can find between Campo Sant' Angelo and Campo San Maurizio if you take the calle by the area that runs past the back of La Fenice.

I wandered around and ran into some old friends and caught up on the news through the ol' Venetian pipeline. After looking at the main Cecilia Paredes show, I ended up in a back room and stopped short. I said out loud, to no one in particular, "Is that Lawrence Carroll's work?" A man said, "Yes, it is." I said, "Well, I know him!"

I found Michela and said, "You've got Lawrence Carroll here?" She said, "Yes. I love his work. I collaborated on the show at the Correr Museum." I said, "You did that? I was there! I wrote an entire blog about it." Michela looked fantastic; we've actually got a couple mutual friends, so we caught up, too. I really loved the space; it's bright and open. Michela did a lot of work, and it shows. The outdoor space downstairs is where drinks were served.

Going and coming from the gallery I ran into a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a long time. Venice is like that. You can go for months without seeing a particular group, then all of a sudden everyone is popping out from one dimension into another. Couples that were separated are now back together. Couples that were together forever have called it quits. Enemies are now friends, and friends have become enemies. And babies, babies, babies arriving on the scene!

The Venetian energy attracts and repels, creates and destroys.

A butcher transforms into yet another ice cream shop. The perfume and make-up section of Coin has moved from San Luca and been absorbed into the main store by Rialto, leaving a Puma store in its place. The florist at the foot of the Rialto Bridge has vanished poof! after nearly 100 years...

Next comes the thunderstorm, which actually is happening as I write this, a roaring thunderstorm with lightening bolts thrown by Zeus himself. The air is recharged, a new scene is set. Everyone looks around to see who is still standing. Then the curtain rises on the next act in the ongoing theatrical production called Venice. The show must go on...

Ciao from Venice,

Galleria Michela Rizzo
Calle degli Albanesi 4254 - San Marco
30170 Venezia
Phone: +39-41 . 5223186
Fax: +39-41 . 5223186
opening hours:
Tue-Fri 16-19:30

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